Elementals, 2023

needlepoint tapestries, a mountain and visitors

For a Lifelong Disease of Copper, 2021

an exhibition. asteroids, contraception, and genealogy.

See You Later Space Island, 2022

a narrative-ish film work featuring satellites and two friends on an island.

Stan Rehearsal - Ensaio para Plataforma de Lançamento, 2020

small video. a group of teenagers film themselves dancing as a rocket is launched into space in the background.

Malva Field, Submerged 2020

exhibition combining different mediums. bacteria, the urinary tract, and herbal medicine projected into a future.

Undercurrent, 2019

a film work. krill, a marine biologist mostly in a lab, and their relationship over time.

Mood Keep, 2018

axolotls and refusal. it's a film work.

Pálpembrana, 2018

an exhibition that featured Mood Keep, and other sculpture works.

The Real Estate Render Power-cut, 2017

a 3D video work, clunky real-estate.